Leeford at Glance

We are a leading pharmaceutical company that stands among the top 50 pharmaceuticals of India. We offer better health possibilities with our 1800+ products, in the Indian & International pharmaceutical markets, which covers wide therapeutic segments. Today we are positioned as a strong player in the Indian Pharmaceutical market that apart from pharmaceuticals also offers relevant personal care, FMCG & OTC solutions to ensure healthcare & wellbeing of the mankind with our high quality & affordable products.




Social Responsibility

Being socially responsible, we strive best for well-being of society and nurturing the environment for betterment!


Our Brands

Leeford Healthcare Limited is a leading pharmaceutical company in India that specializes in manufacturing top quality health, wellness, personal care and pharmaceuticals products to enable better health possibilities for consumers. Combining cutting edge technology with research and innovation, Leeford offers over 1800 products that surpass established quality standards and are available to consumers at an affordable price.

Leeford manufactures tablets, capsules, soft gels, liquids, oral powders, topicals, respules & metered-dose inhalers, drops and sprays for an array of therapeutic categories including Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Muscle Relaxant, Antipyretics, Centrally Acting Analgesics, Anabolic & Corticosteroids, Hypouricaemic drugs, Anti-bacterials, Antifungals, Anti-virals, Antimalarials, Anthelmintics, Anti-rheumatics, Anti-allergic, Leukotriene Inhibitors, Bronchodilators, Anti-diabetic, Cardiovascular, Psychiatry, Gastrointestinal, Hepatoprotectors, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Anti-hemorrhagic, Antispasmodic, Urologic, Erectile Dysfunction, Anti Cold & Cough, Eye & ENT, Oral Care, Dermatology, Hormonal products, Vitamins, Minerals and their combinations, Calcium & Vitamin D3 Supplements, Haematinic & their combinations, Protein Supplements, Over the Counter products, Ayurvedic & Herbal products and Surgical products.

Leeford also offers a range of high quality FMCG products including Skin care, Hair care, Body care, Foot care, Oral care, Feminine care, Baby care products, Nutritional supplements including juices, multi-vitamins and minerals, protein supplements, body shapers, green tea, gym essentials and energy boosters. Apart from these General well being products including immunity boosters, platelet boosters, digestive health remedies, cough & cold remedies, pain relievers, Ortho support products, Sexual health & wellbeing products, Smoking cessation products, Sugar substitutes, Sleep regulators as well as Home essentials including mosquito repellents, hand washes, Air fresheners and innovative first aid products are also available. Recently, the company has also started offering Covid Essentials including Masks, Hand sanitizers, Immunity boosters and Disinfectants.

Leeford is dedicatedly working on a new division Esencia, which will have premium Personal care products and Nutraceuticals that have patented actives and are at par with the best brands in the international market in terms of ingredients, quality & efficacy.