Formulation & Development

Formulation development is of utmost importance as it involves developing a form of drug which is stable, efficient, effective and most importantly acceptable to the patient. A stronger F&D can be a strong foundation for any pharmaceutical company to flourish. We at Leeford work rigorously to meet the upcoming demands of the market with products that are cost efficient, effective and have high patient compliance.


With our F&D we are continuously focusing on the ever changing market needs and thus come up with the products as per the requirements. This has enabled us to have a very diverse and strong product portfolio and product formulations.


We continuously make assessment checks for our existing products ensuring their effectiveness, convenience & compliance so that they perform effectively in the marketplace. Based on these assessments we decide which products are to be upgraded or changed.

Our strong F&D has continuously helped us in timely upgradation of our vast product range and has also enhanced the performance of our existing products. 2/3rd of our products are oral formulation based on which our current areas of concern are:

  • Stability & increased shelf life
  • Efficacy
  • Decreasing side effects
  • Better patient compliance
  • Increased convenience