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COMPOSITION: Protein powder enriched with essential Vitamins & Minerals, specially formulated for expecting & lactating women. (VANILLA FLAVOUR)
DESCRIPTION: Nutiactiv Mom is a nutritional drink with high protein, made especially for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. It helps meet the increased nutritional needs of a pregnant woman so that she stays nourished, and the baby grows healthy. It is fortified with DHA, which helps in the proper brain development of the baby. Also, enriched with folic acid that is known vital for the growth of the brain and spinal cord. Nutiactiv Mom provides a sufficient dose of macro and micro-nutrients to the pregnant mother filling her with vitality and energy.
SIDE EFFECTS: Nutiactiv Mom generally has no side effects when used within recommended dosage. If you have any unusual effects, contact your Doctor or Pharmacist promptly.
DOSAGE/DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To prepare one serving mix 35 g of Nutiactiv powder in 280 ml of lukewarm milk/cold milk. Stir well so as to dissolve the powder completely and consume immediately.