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Quality that Makes Us Stronger

In the pharma industry, ensuring the safety, efficacy, and reliability of the products is paramount. Quality is just not a buzzword, it is the cornerstone of our reputation and the trust our customers place in us. Therefore, at Leeford, it is a collective responsibility of all to maintain highest standards of quality.

To achieve the quality standards, we prioritise adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and other relevant regulatory guidelines. Some of the key aspects followed by Leeford to keep striving for quality products are:

Quality Management System

We have implemented a robust QMS, that encompasses all aspects of quality control including different processes and protocols. Moreover, the system in place is in compliance with international standards of safety.

Compliance with regulations:

We are keen on gaining complete knowledge of the regulations and always stay ahead of the curve when there are some changes in them. We wholeheartedly adhere to these regulations throughout the product lifecycle, from research to distribution.

Training and competence:

Our employees are regularly trained in order to enhance their knowledge and skills related to quality control and good manufacturing practices. We emphasise on building an environment where individuals are provided roles in maintaining quality.

Data integrity:

From data acquisition to processing to storage to retrieval, every piece of information is integrated.

Our commitment to quality goes beyond mere compliance. We, at Leeford are continuously striving for excellence and innovation. Our team of experts is tirelessly trying to make breakthrough therapies to fight life threatening diseases. Having gained speciality in numerous therapeutic areas including cardiovascular health, respiratory health, infectious diseases, gastro and diabetic disorders; we have always maintained unmatchable quality standards.

Our zero-defect agenda is well taken care of by experts at every step of manufacturing. While maintaining our promise to produce quality and effective products, we have gained preference and won laurels in the industry.

With a mindset of continuous improvement, Leeford is now amongst the top healthcare companies in India. We believe that quality is not a destination; it is a journey. That is why, we are consistently reviewing our processes, identifying areas for enhancement, and implementing corrective actions. By embracing a culture of continuous improvement, we plan to remain at the forefront of our industry and deliver products that exceed expectations.

Manufacturing Practices that Set Us Apart

Manufacturing practices in a pharmaceutical industry play a crucial role in ensuring the production of safe, effective and high-quality drugs and health care products. Leeford is fervent in maintaining these practices that encompass a range of processes, protocols, and standards that must be followed to meet regulatory requirements and maintain product integrity.

In order to deliver high quality products timely to the market, Leeford has employed these key manufacturing practices:

Good Manufacturing Practices:

GMP is a set of quality assurance guidelines and regulations that ensure consistent production and control of pharmaceutical products. At Leeford, regular audits are conducted at the manufacturing facilities to review the compliance with GMP.

Facility design and maintenance:

Leeford’s manufacturing facilities are designed to comply with the regulations of cleanliness, contamination control, and proper workflow.

State-of-art technology:

The equipment employed at Leeford are designed to mitigate wastage and develop the safest life saving drugs.

Our manufacturing footprint comprises of our own facilities and licensed facilities to ensure timely production and supply. It was our endeavour to supply the right medicines in time that helped us gain customer confidence. Today, we stand as one of the most reliable health care brands and to maintain our reputation we are diligently manufacturing high quality medicines. Along this path of virtue, we plan on continuously innovating and developing some vital medicines of greatest quality in order to serve the humanity at large.