As an organization we aim to produce lifesaving therapies responsibly and sustainably. We are focused on environment sustainability, social sustainability and governance sustainability.

We focus on drug development processes that minimize waste production and decreases the use of potentially hazardous substances.

  • We Reduce, reuse and recycle production materials
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Recycling waste water
  • Effluent treatment
  • Solar power generation

These steps help us to address major concerns of climate change, pollution control and exploitation of natural resources.

We ensure safe and well equipped production environment for our employees for their health and safety.
We comply with all the laws and regulations as applicable to our operations.

Social sustainability

We address major concerns like health and safety, human rights, community impact, diversity and inclusion and provide access to affordable medicines across the countries we are exporting to.

Governance sustainability

Sustainability through governance is taken care by

  • Product quality
  • Effective and continual improvement processes
  • Effective communication
  • Strong corporate structure
  • Effective public dealing

We comply with the various ethics committees & adopt ethical standards of pharmaceutical promotions combined with patient-oriented business model, while leveraging digital technology.