More than pills, more than care.
Leeford: We heal, we inspire, we build a better future.

Why Leeford

With the vision to make a positive impact on people’s health and well-being, Leeford started its journey in the year 2006. For almost 2 decades, we, at Leeford have dedicated every resource at improving and saving lives through innovative pharmaceutical solutions. Striving to address some of the most pressing healthcare issues of the present times, Leeford has diversified into 35+ therapeutic categories.

With a strong focus on research and development, Leeford has built a strong reputation globally. We are renowned for our commitment to excellence, ethical practices, and unwavering dedication to scientific advancement. Also, with the help of 3500+ dedicated manpower, we are striving for the best every single day.

We believe that good health is the pre-requisite of progress, and hence we are working towards building a healthier nation and a healthier world every single day. Our innovative healthcare products are easily accessible at the most affordable prices. Each product at Leeford is a testament of its uncompromising quality and standards. In addition to this, by fostering a culture of innovation along with safety, we are enabling people to choose exceptional products for both their body and skin.

Aiming at continuous learning, we promise to deliver only the finest. With strong determination and even stronger workforce we remain at the path of continuous growth and progress. And we tend to take you along this vigorous path with our enormous portfolio.

Empowered by a team of 3500+ dedicated professionals, Leeford leads with a diverse product portfolio of 1800+ healthcare, personal care, and nutraceutical products, ensuring safe, effective, and globally standardized quality, available even in micro interiors, all to serve you better at affordable prices.


Overseas Destinations

1800 +


35 +

Therapeutic Categories



We are Responsible

Leeford takes the onus of delivering high quality pharma products at the most affordable prices. Operating with utmost honesty and transparency, we aim to build a satisfied customer base.

We are Innovation Driven

Leeford is continuously thriving to deliver the products that are needed and demanded by the customers. Keeping innovation our focus, we are always looking for healthcare options that are effective and safe.

We are Focused

Leeford’s focus has always been its ‘customers’. To serve them better, we are working effortlessly on reliable and practical solutions driven by ethical business practices.

We are Trust Worthy

Leeford aims to build customer loyalty through its transparent working. Bringing only the best version of health care for the public, we are inculcating a culture fostered by mutual faith.

We are Partners

Leeford works in alliance with its partners to keep up with the harmony of the market.

We are Customer Centric

Leeford runs on the path of customer satisfaction. We desire to offer products that win hearts and cure ailments.