Product Form


COMPOSITION: Each ml contains Calamine 15% w/v, Zinc Oxide 5% w/v, Bentonite 3% w/v, Sodium Citrate 0.5% w/v, Liquefied Phenol 0.5% v/v & Glycerin 5% w/v
DESCRIPTION: Calalayer lotion contains Calamine & Zinc mild antibacterial and soothing agent that relieves redness & itching; Bentonite, Sodium Citrate & liquefied Phenol these acts by stoping skin itching, irritation & detoxifying skin; Glycerin, has skin nourishing benefits. It is used to soothe skin conditions such as reactions due to poisonous plants, such as poison oak, poison ivy and poison sumac; insect bites, chickenpox, shingles (Cold sores), swimmer’s itch, Scabies, Chigger bites, Minor burns & Prickly heat. Besides it is also useful in cases of skin allergy, irritation, nappy rash & sun burns.
SIDE EFFECTS: Highly tolerable with no known side effect.
DOSAGE/DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Before using, shake the bottle well. Thoroughly wash the affected area with water. Gently dab Calalayer on the skin using cotton or your fingers. Ensure that it dries on the skin while covering the affected area. Do not rub or massage Calalayer into the skin or apply l on an open wound. Melamine can be applied 3 to 4 times a day, continuously for 2 weeks or even more.