Product Form


COMPOSITION: Each g contains Zinc oxide 8.5% w/w (Anti-Rash cream for babies)
DESCRIPTION: Rashcare cream contains Zinc Oxide, an antibacterial and skin protectant that seals out wetness. It is used for the treatment of all types of Rashes, Inflammation & Erythema associated with diaper use in adults, children and neonates as well as with tight clothing.
SIDE EFFECTS: The product is well tolerated, no known side effects.
DOSAGE/DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Change wet and soiled diapers promptly, clean the diaper area with warm water, dry the area completely. Apply gently & liberally on the affected area as often as necessary with each diaper change especially at night time when exposure to wet diaper is prolonged. At the surfaces with marks of tight clothing, gently apply the cream and wear loose clothing.