Product Form


COMPOSITION: Each ml contains Tannic acid Glycerin 66 2% w/v, Zinc Chloride 1% w/v & Cetrimide 0.1% w/v
DESCRIPTION: Ultradent gum paint contains Tannic acid Glycerin, Iodine, Potassium Iodide, Thymol, Menthol & Glycerin. Tannic acid glycerin acts by healing sores and treating bleeding gums; Iodine, Potassium iodide & Thymol acts as antibacterial; Iodine & Menthol together act as counterirritant to relieve irritation and offer a soothing effect. This product is prescribed for spongy gums, bleeding gums, sores on gums & pus coming out of gums.
SIDE EFFECTS: Very well tolerated, no side effects observed.
DOSAGE/DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Clean your hands thoroughly and wipe it. Take a drop or two on your finger tips of Ultradent gum paint and apply at the lesion or take a lager quantity and apply on the infected gums or as required. It can be applied two to three times a day depending upon severity of disease. You can use it for 3 to 5 days continuously or may be little longer.